SuperCIC install guide

Handy Tools

Sodlering Iron & Hot air station

Thin Blade to lift the legs, Snips, pliers

Multimeter, Screwdrivers (Gamebit required to open the console)

Take your console apart and remove the motherboard and place it on s suitable heat resistant surface.

The first we need to do is remove the original CIC chip. Most commonly this is located at the bottom left of the board (as below) but can sometimes be found near the reset button

A hot air station is ideal for this job as it will remove the chip in a minute.

If you don't have one, the best solution is to use snips to cut the legs off the chip. Once removed clean up any remaining bits of legs so we have nice clean pads to solder to.

The next step is where you need to be the most careful as now we need to lift leg 30 from PPU2 and leg 24 from PPU1.

I use a thin blade and a soldering iron to lift the pins. Heat the leg then gently lift if using the blade to lever it up being careful not to lift any other pins in the process.

Don't be to harsh as you do not want to break a pin off the PPU's or its game over.

Once you have them lifted use a wire to join the two lifted pins together, leaving a tail on the wire so as we will be connecting this to the new chip.

Please the film from the double sided tape on the chip as stick it in a suitable location.

The rest of the mod is now pretty simple, just basically connecting the wires from the CIC pins to the new chip. Keep your quick reference card as it comes in handy.

First I connect power to the chip, I use the power pins on the RAM chip as this keeps my wires shorter.

PCB pad 1 to RAM leg 1

PCB pad 14 to RAM leg 64

PCB pad 2 connects to CIC pad 7

(this can also connect to pin 6 of chip marked S-CLK that I chose below)

Only use a small amount of solder when connecting to the CIC pads as you do not want to short them together, Use your multimeter if in any doubt to check the connections

PCB pad 11 to CIC pad 10

PCB pad 8 to CIC pad 11

PCB pad 10 to CIC pad 1

PCB pad 9 to CIC pad 2

PCB pad 12 to PPU legs we wired together earlier

PCB pad 13 to CIC pad 8

That's all the CIC pads connected we now need to fit the LED

Remove the original LED from the front panel.

A quick way to do this is to heat the solder on the original pads and pull on the LED with long nose pliers. If that doesn't work for you, remove the old solder with a solder pump or braid then the LED will be free to remove

On the new LED there are three legs, the longest leg is negative and the other two slightly shorter legs are positive to each colour.

Snip the two positive legs down to around 10mm as they are not required to be so long.

Now solder a wire to each of the short legs (long enough wire to make it back to the new chip from the front panel)

Use the supplied head shrink to isolate the two legs.

Insert the new LED in to the space where the original LED was,

Bend the long negative leg so you can solder the to the negative pad from the original LED.

Solder the wires from the two remaining LED legs to pads 5 + 6 of the new chip

And that's it done.

Now it is recommended that you use your multimeter to check all the connections have continuity and you have not shorted any of the CIC pins together.