SNES Switchless Guides

**Before you start soldering, turn the console on without the power cord**

You will see the power led flash, this will discharge any power in the capacitors, if you do not do this you could blow the consoles internal fuse

There are two guides available, please select one below

DA Retro SNES V1.2 chip

DA Retro Mulitichip V1.1 chip

Although the installs are done with different chips the method is similar just connect to different pads on the chips.

Please find below a quick reference below

SNES Quick Guide

If you purchased a DIY kit, please see the reference below


Any questions or suggestions please let me know, just send me an email

I am also interested in ways that other people install these chips, i am happy to receive your install photos.

LED info

below is the LED leg details

Longest leg is Ground
Middle leg is Red
Shortest leg is Blue

For the SNES mod you will be grounding the LED to the controller board. You will need to connect a wire to each of the other legs